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15 May 2016
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17 May 2016
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Thermo R®

Thermo R - Pafile

Thermo R® - Rook Wool

Eco-friendly solution for thermal and acoustic insulation

Rock wool Thermo R ® is a natural and sustainable material obtained from basaltic volcanic rock. The manufacturing process mimics the natural action of volcanoes and begins with the melting of volcanic rock at a temperature of 1500°C.

The addition of other natural materials and minerals, weighed and dosed according to the quality of the finished product to be obtained, leads to the formation of those fibres that are the basic principle of rock-wool panels.
A further polymerisation process inside a kiln at low temperature stabilises the material making it water repellent.

Thermo R ® lends itself to all those applications in construction where is necessary an excellent conditions of thermal and acoustic insulation, and especially when an high level of fire protection is request.