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17 May 2016
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19 May 2016
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Thermo K

Thermo K - Pafile

Thermo K - Natural by nature

Eco-friendly solution for thermal and acoustic insulation 

Thermo K is a natural and sustainable material, is made by natural material such as wood, Portland cement, marble powder and water. The basic raw material is wood wool which, through an impregnation process, is made fireproof.

The subsequent mixture with the cement makes the panel particularly resistant to decomposition and at the attack by insects, thanks also to a very low water absorption.
The mineralization of the fibers keeps unchanged the mechanical properties of the wood which, following the bond with the Portland cement and a compression in the realization of the panels, makes the Thermo K particularly stable, resistant, compact and long lasting.

Since its first appearance this material, formed by wood wool and cement, was mainly used for thermal insulation, while nowadays its first use is aimed at acoustic insulation, thanks to the lightness, elasticity and the interstices between the fibers, which makes this material a perfect acoustic insulator.

Furthermore, the porous surface allows an excellent adhesion to all the mortars commonly used in construction.

Thanks by all these features, the Thermo K can be used in multiple ways in building costructions