Thermo Dry®

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24 April 2015
Thermo R - Pafile
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16 May 2016
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Thermo Dry®

Thermo Dry - Pafile

Thermo Dry ® - Wood Fiber

eco-friendly solutions for thermal and acoustic insulation

The single-layer fibreboard Thermo Dry ® is a natural and sustainable material made from pine and spruce. The panel manufacturing process is rather unique.
The wood is treated in special machines that run a set of thermo-mechanical processes and grind the material in ultra-fine fibres.
The fibres are then pressed, which compacts them and adds stability
to the panels.
The entire process consists in the machining of the natural raw material with the addition of a polyester resin and paraffin in some cases to increase the panel’s resistance.
These panels, made with 98% of wood, are fully recyclable and their waste does not damage or pollute the environment.
The application of Thermo Dry ® in construction is incredibly widespread.
In conclusion, Thermo Dry ® is not just an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator, but it also ensures environmental friendliness and comfort in the living space.